Groundwater Pollution Control

EWRE has an extensive expertise in underground hydrology which includes:

  • Groundwater pollutants surveys.
  • Monitoring and Tracking after pollutants in the soil.
  • Polluted aquifer remediation.
  • 3D modelling of flow, dissolvents transfer and of chemical reactions, which is being used for forecast and estimation of pollutants spreading in the underground water, as well as locating pollution sources.

As part of this expertise, the company develops advanced software solution for flow and transfer problems and interactive work environment for managing and displaying geographic, geologic and hydrologic data.

Some of the project executed by EWRE:

  1. Modelling of flow, dissolvents transfer as follows:
    • A regional hydrologic model for calculation of the effect of the Tel-Aviv subway red line construction on the water sources in the Gush Dan area.
    • A model for the Israeli eastern aquifer from Jerusalem area to the Dead-Sea as part of an Israeli-German joint project.
    • The building of a hydrologic model for the Israeli-Jordanian rift valley in the bounds of the Jerusalem hills to Amman hills and the Dead-Sea to Kinneret Lake as part of a joint project of Israel, Germany, Palestinian Authority and Jordan.
  2. Planning and executing of pmping tests:
    For the charecterization of the hydrolic properties of the aquifers for the projects mentioned. EWRE uses the state of the art equipment needed for conducting these tests including pumps, sensors, and flow-meters, as well as the technical and scientific abilities for planning and analyzing the tests.
  3. Soil and groundwater pollutants remediation.
    Including the following projecs and others:
    • Fuel lens pumping in Israel railways compounds. The project was made with the cooperation of Ludan company. The planning, execution and the project management were under EWRE responsibility as a primary contractor.
    • Underground draining system for cleansing fuel lens in two areas in Israel railways garage compounds.