The Tel-Aviv Subway Project
The new underground subway system of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan

EWRE is working on 12 projects within the subway red line's plan. Total budget of the project: 1.1 Billion US$.
These projects include planning for the following sites:

  • The Turkish station
  • "Galey-Gil" shaft
  • The Depot portal
  • "Em-HaMoshavot" portal
  • The "Shenkar" portal
  • "Shenkar" station
  • "Herzel" shaft

Each of these projects required hydrologic modeling and underground water lowering. These included pumping tests, 3D numerical modeling of the soil and drilling supervision.

In addition to these projects, EWRE made a regional hydrologic model to calculate the effect of the red line construction on the water sources of the Gush Dan area.